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Medical Education Grants Independent Medical Education Grants and Investigator Initiated Studies


  • Support educational initiatives facilitating HCP education, advance the quality of patient care, and align with Radius’ therapeutic and clinical interests
  • Support unsolicited unbranded medical educational initiatives that provide disease awareness to meet the unmet need for the diagnosis and treatment of patients

Medical Education Plan: Osteoporosis

To provide health care providers (HCPs) medical education related to Osteoporosis, including:

  • Disease state information
  • HEOR and epidemiology studies
  • Diagnosis of Osteoporosis
  • Emerging Topics in Osteoporosis
Contribution Type Contribution Purpose
Accredited Medical Education Programs Fund high quality, independently accredited medical education, aimed at health care professionals, designed to raise awareness and understanding regarding the disease areas in which we focus, improve the knowledge and clinical skills of health care providers, and address the informational, physical, and psycho-social needs of patients
Unaccredited Medical Education Programs Fund unaccredited activities aimed at educating health care professionals, researchers, scientists or patients, such as health-related public conferences, symposia, or community awareness campaigns where program includes topics relating to therapy options, disease diagnostics, treatment and management

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