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Independent Medical Education Grants and Investigator Initiated Studies

Radius currently accepts grant applications to support Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) and Independent Medical Education (IME).

Radius Health is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on addressing unmet medical needs in the areas of bone health and neuroscience. Our team works collaboratively and relentlessly to advance our therapies with the goal of improving the lives of patients, their families, and their caregivers.

  • Investigator Initiated Studies play a key role in answering important medical and scientific questions regarding Radius’ products and their related therapeutic areas. Such clinical studies can contribute towards enhancing the understanding of Radius’ products and inspire new ideas for further disease-related research aimed at creating improved treatment for patients.
  • Independent Medical Education should enhance the medical community’s knowledge of disease and patient care. This mission is achieved by supporting quality independent education such as presentations, online courses and conference symposia that target evidence-based and valid educational gaps to address unmet medical needs.

Please select a program below

  • Investigator Initiated Studies

    For unsolicited and independently initiated and conducted studies.
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  • Independent Medical Education Grants

    For Independent Medical Education such as presentations, online courses and conference symposia to address unmet medical needs.
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